Making products happen

Supporting start ups

Fostering innovation

Passing on knowledge, expertise, and experience.

We believe in starts-up. They are dynamic, imaginative and passionate and we love working with them. At Triteq, we are proud of our track-record of supporting start-ups.

As well as the work we do in helping entrepreneurs not just in exploring, developing and designing their products, we also continue to support key growth schemes and provide free advice.

In 2018/2019,we worked with start-ups at the IMAGINE IF innovation event , The Design Council and also sponsored Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for OET.

Participating in these events and working directly with many start-ups has helped us create our Explore Workshops.

We use these workshops to pass on invaluable knowledge, expertise and experience to budding entrepreneurs, identifying the many different elements to bringing a concept to life and taking that concept to market.