Research and feasibility assessments ensure that we look at each project from every angle. Experience has shown us that the best value we can give to our clients is to work with them to build a clear understanding of what needs to be done, the best route to take and early identification of potential opportunities and obstacles.



We are accredited to ISO13485 and 9001. We design and develop complex, innovative products and systems, which require expert knowledge of relevant regulatory criteria. We carry out conformity assessments and manage the process for all aspects of CE Marking, ATEX and safety critical medical device approval.



The transition from a brilliant idea to a product requires a structured process. Design for Manufacture ensures we deliver.  Intelligent design and skilful engineering bring practical results and enhance the lives of millions of people. So when we listen to your idea and brief, we work with you to share your vision and journey to commercialisation. Understanding the needs of the user and aligning them with the design and development of your product.



We produce prototypes in-house. Alongside the development of each prototype, we document every step – a comprehensive documented process of the development of your product. Our design team can produce this as a simple step by step guide or as a fully animated guide for use as visual presentations to potential investors.



We support the development of your product through every stage so it is ready for full-scale manufacturing. We apply a knowledge-based approach to production and full-scale manufacturing. We work with our clients to produce & adapt products and we place a strong focus on future proofing your product development process.


Innovation and discipline don’t always appear to be natural partners. But they are equally essential to successful product design. Innovation was definitely in the top ten over-used words in 2016, often without explanation or clarification.

We believe that innovation is nothing without the process to support it. Triteq provides that process with knowledge, experience and a clear understanding of what’s involved.


For each new project, we begin with many “how” questions. How will this product be used? Who is going to use it and in what environment will it be used? How do we incorporate the needs of the different users and what will make it successful?

Our experienced, in-house Industrial Design team relish the task of designing and producing innovative solutions that combine technology and usability with award-winning aesthetics of products and systems.


Triteq has the agility and expertise to deliver a custom software solution tailored to your needs with the knowledge and experience of developing approved medical grade software across all classifi­cations to achieve regulatory requirements and accreditations.

In particular, the team has extensive experience in developing software for embedded systems, ranging from simple embedded controller solutions to architectures with multiple processors.


Triteq takes a system design approach to electronics engineering. To achieve fully optimised product development, engineers work alongside our design team to establish how electronic components fit into the system architecture.


Focus on the Essential

During every Triteq project we work with you as our client to assess your specific requirements for a number of essential elements, including a comprehensive assessment of where your device will be positioned within the regulatory landscape.

These essential project elements include: CE Marking & Regulatory Requirements, Project Progress Reporting, Component Sourcing, Design Verification, Technical Documentation, Design for Manufacture, and Risk Assessment.

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