The truth behind green claims!

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Given the demands on marketing budgets and the increasing necessity to make them stretch as far as possible- I am always amazed when any company appears to operate without trying to get the best possible return on investment from their marketing spend.

Last week I attended a trade exhibition and met with a supplier who had invested a considerable amount in a full colour, front cover magazine advert promoting the green credentials of their products, so I was extremely surprised when they followed this up just a few days later with a mail out to every visitor of their very weighty catalogue- sent without a request and mailed simply from “Reception”.

My reaction was that surely the resources that had been saved in the process of change to “green products” had possibly been squandered in the resources that had been used in producing a catalogue weighing over 1360 grammes and then mailing it without a request from any of the recipients!

This type of behaviour does not enhance a companys' sustainability strategy and instead emphasizes that the commitment to responsible environmental behaviour does not run through the organisation as a whole!

Triteq work hard to be accountable for their actions and to behave responsibly in their endeavours. It is not simply a case of telling the same story, it is a case of actually meaning it so that it is authentic and shared by everyone.

For more information on our work at Triteq and information on how we help our clients with responsible design and development projects, talk to us today, call Steve Lane on 01488 684554.

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