“Speed-dating” Product Solutions to Social Problems Hackspace Event

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Exploring practical product solutions to social problems using a speed-dating business mentorship format

Do you have a product idea that could help solve a social problem we face?

Do you want to drive change in the world, but are unsure how to move your idea forward? Then this event is for you. Please register for the event on: http://www.marmalade.io/events/speed-dating-product-solutions-to-social-problems/

Triteq, a leading product design consultancy, the Oxford Trust and Oxford Hackspace, an inventors’ and makers’ community that builds prototypes, are teaming up to bring you a product mentorship event as part of the Marmalade Festival. Everyone is welcome!

Designed like a rotating “speed-dating” event to give idea originators face time with designers, prototype creators, and business mentors, the goal of the event is to help all those start-ups, entrepreneurs and individuals who seek to make the world a better place with a product. Come along to have a chat about your idea, get input into the design process, talk about materials available, prototyping, and small-run options locally, discuss business planning, bounce some ideas off engineers, and generally be pointed in the right direction on all aspects of the product-to-market process.

You might be the reason a critical social or environmental challenge is resolved.

This event may fill up fast, but pre-booking is also available so you don’t miss your chance at a consultation. To pre-book a spot on our experts table, please email aaron.bennett@triteq.com 

We look forward to seeing you!

Please book your place on: http://www.marmalade.io/events/speed-dating-product-solutions-to-social-problems/

Event date: Thursday 6th April 2017, 6pm-10pm

Where: Oxford Hackspace, inside Oxford Centre for Innovation, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1BY

Included: Drinks and nibbles

Event target audience: Entrepreneurs, start-ups and individuals with ideas in Oxford

Max capacity: 50 people


6pm           Doors open for the event

6-6:30         Arrivals, drinks and nibbles, mingling

6:30-6:35     Oxhack “who we are and what we do” presentation

6:35-7:00     Triteq “who we are and what we do” presentation

7:00-8:25      Experts “speed-dating” table receiving clients. 7 minutes per discussion then rotate.

8:25-8:35      10-minute break

8:35-10:00    Experts table receiving clients.

Tours of the facility would be run at 7:30 and at 9pm, lasting about 30 minutes.

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