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Smart meters have the capacity to change the way consumers use energy by providing real time readings. As the UK is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by a minimum of 80% by 2050 in relation to levels in 1990, it is essential that energy consumption is made clearer and users have access to more accurate information. The technology is equally valuable to energy suppliers as it diminishes the need for meter readers to visit properties and it allows for more accurate billing and increased data efficiency.

The DECC (Department of Energy for Climate Change) estimates that the average consumer will save £23 per year on their energy bills through this programme which will be a major national project involving the installation of 53 million smart meters in 30 million homes and businesses.

So what's next?

Interactive systems could help reduce costs and energy use further by switching appliances on when demand is lower. This would greatly improve efficiency in the management of the electricity grid and potentially save millions of pounds.

The technology behind the Smart meter is at the core of Triteq's work and there are many opportunities to use further advancements to create a series of “smart” appliances which may be used to run when energy is at its cheapest. The technology behind smart meters has not been developed to its full extent and there are many more opportunities to further enhance the meters to provide other facilities.

Triteq has the ability to create new business from fast changing technology and to use our combined capabilities and experience to develop innovative products and adapt existing ones. We are excellent partners and have the experience and ability to work with entrepreneurs, SME's and large corporates across many industry sectors.

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