Medical devices: a hotspot for healthcare investment

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The Medical device market is one of the most attractive healthcare sub-sectors and is generally favoured because the medical device market is one of the most attractive healthcare sub-sectors and is generally favoured because:

  • Medical technology is a fast growing sector
  • Development costs are much less
  • There is less likelihood of a product failing at the last stage of testing
  • Approvals are faster, less risky and less expensive than pharmaceuticals
  • Markets are global
  • There are long-term revenue streams
  • Medical device sales are seen as more reliable

Within diagnostics, remote (robotic) and self-diagnostics are becoming big in UK community care and abroad. This makes the field attractive, however many people recognise this and so prices are high. Areas with particular opportunities for growth include genomics, especially DNA diagnostics that lead to personal medicine, and technologies that involve or facilitate less invasive procedures.

Diagnostics continue to be an attractive area, with the market growing anything between 5-10% PA; the sector is still experiencing a huge amount of attention from corporates. Medical devices have hot areas and cold areas; if disposables are involved it tends to become much more attractive.

David Holbrook,
Partner and Head of LifeScience Investing, MTI Ventures
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