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I have recently come back from Global Biobank Week in Stockholm, Sweden. The event was a fantastic few days in the beautiful city of Stockholm.  Global Biobank provided access to a unique group of stakeholders reaching from biobankers to renowned experts, from policymakers to patient advocacy groups. I thought the event was well attended, well balanced and I would very much look forward to going again next year.

The conference provided a global platform for comprehensive discussion and collaboration on activities important for biobanking and biopreservation of samples and data for biological and environmental research to improve health care and decrease the burden of disease worldwide.

I went on behalf of Triteq in order to participate at the conference and had a great time meeting all the other attendees.  The topics of discussion were around personalised medicine, quality of samples, harmonisation efforts, data protection, and the benefit for citizens and society.

I also enjoyed the charismatic keynote speeches and the skyline of Stockholm, located in the heart of the city!

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