Design Thinking Workshop

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Triteq is partnering with Oxford Innovation to give you a 2-day design thinking workshop.

“Embrace creative collaboration and give your team a repeatable way to innovate.”

Innovation is the key to business success in a changing world and organizations need to innovate systematically to stay ahead.

Design Thinking is a repeatable, human-centred process for creative problem solving and innovation. It draws from the designer’s skill set and involves building empathy with real users, encouraging creative collaboration, prototyping and iterating to deliver benefits to users.

This 2-day mix of short lectures and hands-on exercises provides the tools and methodology to help your team develop a design thinker’s mind-set and approach problems in a radically new way.

Workshop Overview

Intro. Where Design Thinking comes from and how it works? Industry examples and case studies.

Gaining empathy. Design Thinking is a human-centred approach to innovation. You will learn to apply various user research techniques to gain insights from your existing or potential clients.

Ideating. You will learn how to turn insights into design challenges and generate ideas to develop “out of the box” solutions.

Prototyping and testing. Designing is all about making things. You will learn how to prototype products and services and test your ideas to receive meaningful feedback.

Examples of methods presented during the workshop:

– Stakeholder mapping                                     – User research

– Empathy mapping                                         – Persona profiles

– Visual brainstorming                                      – Lotus blossom

– Prototyping                                                   – Defining the MVP

Who is it for?

Ambitious organizations, who wish to accelerate innovation through a repeatable, human-centered design process.

Design Thinking is a methodology that can be practised by professionals with different backgrounds and be applied to the development of any product (physical, digital) or service (commercial, social) that will eventually deliver benefits to users.

Key takeaways

– Spark enthusiasm and foster innovation culture within your organisation

– Delight your customers by developing products and services better suited to their needs

– Learn a set of tools and templates for creative problem solving

The Design Thinking workshop is moderated by Lukasz Liebersbach, Innovation Advisor at Oxford Innovation Services.

The 2-day Design Thinking workshop is offered free of charge under the Innovate2Succeed programme.

I2S drives innovation and growth by helping UK-registered SMEs based in the EM3 LEP region of the South of England. Companies are granted access to expert advisors and cutting edge tools, in order to maximise business growth potential and address barriers. This bespoke support is tailored to the individual needs of a business in order that they are successful in reaching their desired goals.

Please email for more information & the application process.

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