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Creativity, innovation and technology are terms frequently used to describe the key drivers for economic growth in the private sector. Used together they summarise the core elements that have enabled Triteq to become one of the leading product design and development companies in the UK.

A preview of Triteq's current portfolio gives an indication of its proven ability to work across an extensive range of projects maximising on collaboration and knowledge exchange across a highly skilled team, interacting with global partners and clients.

Jackie Berry and Steve Lane founded Triteq in 1992 with a shared understanding that skills, experience and commercial reality bring success. They have subsequently achieved uninterrupted sustainable and responsible growth, with on-going investment in building a talented team.

They began working in the medical product market early on in the company's development and throughout its twenty year history Triteq has established a reputable track record for taking concept development through each stage of the product life cycle and all the way to varied competitive and demanding markets.

Emerging Trends & Technologies

Strategic Product Designer Joseph O'Connor joined the company to build an in-house design team to support clients through all stages of a product life cycle. Understanding behavioural changes ensures that a client's product provides not just what its target audience needs today, but what it will be looking for tomorrow.

The team excels at listening to a client's idea and developing a strategy to bring a product to life. Intelligent design brings multiple benefits to millions of people and Triteq attributes its success to a clearly defined focus on each client's vision with the potential to become tomorrow's life changing product. Its extensive experience on early identification of opportunities and risks adds value and commercial reality to early stage projects and increases intellectual property value. Triteq has streamlined the product development roadmap from initial concept definition to gaining approvals, reducing development timescales and costs whilst retaining quality and innovation.

When the concept of merging health and data began to gain momentum, Triteq was already involved in a number of projects in this field. Now, telemedicine and mobile health has become a clearly defined strategy adopted by healthcare companies, the telecom industry and health connected organisations, all eager to increase market share by giving consumers the option to manage their lives more effectively. Triteq is rapidly becoming expert in this area and is currently engaged in projects in monitoring, measuring, tracking devices and communications using near field, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS, GSM, RFID and Zigbee.

If you would like to register for the next Triteq Innovation event please visit our website or call Ken Hall on 01488 684554.

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