Fourth State came to Triteq with an idea for a novel medical product. The technology they developed generates plasma that is delivered to the patient through a handset for a variety of medical applications such as aiding scar and wound healing. They required Triteq’s help to bring a product to market.

Electronic Design

The first stage of this project was to develop the electronic components so that the power supply could be altered and the components fit into a small space envelope. This was completed with the knowledge that the device would need to comply with medical safety standards in the future. Only once this proof of principle prototype was successful could the project progress to the next stage.

Handset Design

Fourth State had already developed the internal components for a handset and begun to consider its shape. Triteq built on this work to design the handset to be ergonomic, to fit the correct hardware components and to be an aesthetically appropriate medical device.

Industrial and Software Design

A space model provided the first realistic idea of how the finished product could look, therefore style was considered more closely. This non-functional prototype had a user interface that could be navigated, tested and developed before being used to drive the device.

Working Prototype for Testing

The working prototype brought together all the previous stages. The hardware was developed further to be as small as possible. The space model was developed to encase the internal components and for ease of manufacture and assembly. The software was updated to control the device easily in a clinic. This prototype is now being tested.

For more information, visit the Fourth State website.

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