A Gadget That Lets You Answer The Phone By Sticking Your Finger In Your Ear

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A small Samsung-backed start-up called Sgnl has developed a wristband/watch that allows you to answer the phone and then talk by sticking your finger in your ear.

The Sgnl works using something called bone conductivity. The vibrations caused by the caller’s voice are sent from the device and into the bones in your wrist and hand. The moment it connects with your ear through your finger, those vibrations are sent directly to the middle ear where those vibrations are finally translated into speech.

Having raised well over two million dollars through Kickstarter and Indiegogo back in 2016, the company now claims that its finished product will be shipping to customers early this year.

Not content with simply acting as a conduit for your phone, the Sgnl will also function as a fitness tracker, measuring your workouts or general activeness throughout the day. Read the full story.










Original article: By Thomas Tamblyn

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