Making products happen


Seamless Design for Manufacturability.

Our Design for Manufacture process ensures we deliver intelligent design and skillful engineering – bringing practical results and enhancing lives. When we were asked to design a system to assess and analyse footfall by footwear, we did what we do best, we talked to the team and got the right people together to explore, design and make.

We identify user needs and align them with the design and development of your product. We do this by listening to your idea and brief and working with you to share your vision and journey to product realisation.

Our process ensures the end product achieves targets for quality, reliability, regulatory compliance and time to market.

Whether it’s in-house prototype creation to visualise your solution, or a complex working prototype or mass production, we use this same process – because it works.

This process is circular. We research, design, feedback, prototype, test, measure and assess. This tried-and-tested approach delivers products with functionality and form, built from appropriate materials and engineered to achieve a defined purpose.

Working with a diverse range of clients in highly-specialised industries, our explorers, designers and makers swiftly build an extensive understanding to ensure we exceed expectations.

Come and talk to us at MEDICA in November 2019.