Making products happen


Pushing the boundaries of design.

Bringing medical, health and wellness products to market requires skill. We have skills in abundance and a strong track-record of making products which bring societal change from start-ups to seasoned entrepreneurs.  

Finding routes to market in the NHS and beyond is challenging and requires innovative and efficient products that meet regulatory requirements and perform at the highest level. Our EXPLORE, DESIGN, MAKE process brings together the right people at the right time to achieve that route to market and make those products happen. 

Our Explore stage is about asking the right questions. Wwill delve into your brief to understand the context and ambition and get to the heart of what really matters to you. Once we’re clear on your vision, we can assess all corners of your market, scrutinise your competition and examine how your product will be developed and manufactured. 

Our team’s experience in human-centred design means we’re well placed to help you with usability research. We can explore all elements of who your potential users are, allowing us to MAKEyour end product genuinely effective, relevant and easy to use.  

 We can also draw on our expertise to guide your approach to investment, sharing our knowledge of what they’ll be looking for, as well as giving you opportunities to trial your pitches and get feedback in a supportive environment.  

Our Explore process helps to strengthen your design ideas. We will look at the product from new angles and produce concept sketches and some first stage prototypes to trial different solutions.  

Whatever stage your project is at, our services are designed to tease out the best direction for your product and help set a clear path through the design process. This ensures that when you take those vital next steps, you are heading in the right direction.  

Explore with us to ask the right questions, even if they’re difficult ones.

Triteq are excited to collaborate with a global innovation consultancy working with individuals to develop and strengthen their knowledge to create opportunities to enable innovation.  We look forward to sharing more exciting news on this in the next few months.