Making products happen


Smart, efficient and beautiful design.

We bring ideas, products and innovations to life through flawless, life-changing design underpinned by technical skills and industry experience.

As well as the creative flair and engineering brilliance needed to successfully design and develop a new product, we also combine the winning ingredients of structure and knowledge into our robust process.

The best design considers the manufacturing process, that’s why we explore your project realisation route before getting creative. It’s about informed design, design for manufacture, fit for mass production and distribution.

We consider the entire cycle of a product, from its birth and creation to eventual use in the frontline of healthcare. This helps us to develop a design which navigates complex challenges in health technology, from cybersecurity to usability engineering for medical devices, factoring in the right material fit for the intended environment. We design for your users, we test, assess and align design with your route to market. We have been there before; we know what questions to ask.

 Stunning, cost-effective, functional design based on a razor-sharp brief, honed through our comprehensive ‘explore’ phase, that’s what we do.

Triteq supports innovative design and as part of this, we are sponsoring the Under-graduate/master poster competition on 18th June 2019 in London.