Making products happen


Smart, efficient and beautiful design.

We bring ideas, products and innovations to life through flawless, life-changing design underpinned by technical skills and industry experience. 

Based on a razor-sharp brief, honed through our comprehensive EXPLORE phase, our designs follow a human-centred, design-for-manufacture approach that will help you get everything you need to MAKE your product a physical reality. 

 Our goal in this phase is to get a clear, detailed, and robust set of designs through an extensiveiterative process. We work through ideation, testing and refinement to produce innovative designs of your idea.  

The best designs consider the manufacturing process at an early stage. That’s why we explore your project realisation route before getting creativeIt’s about designs that are fit for mass production and distribution.  

 We then scrutinise the detailsWe spot and solve potential problems as early as possible with computer simulations that analyse every element of your design. Our usability experts test your design on real people and use their feedback to ensure that your product provides a desirable experience for your users. 

 If you’re looking for material to support a grant application, to keep stakeholders up to date, or simply to show off your idea, we can produce visually stunning animations, videos and images of your product design.  

 Whether we’re providing an inventive 3D design or bringing your product to life through animation to support global investment, we can steer you through your design journey. We have been there before; we know what questions to ask.  

Design with us tensure every decision is made for the right reasons. 


Triteq supports innovative design and as part of this, we sponsor a number of the Undergraduate/Master poster competitions.