The power of shared conversation

We believe in the power of shared conversation and the benefits of continuous engagement with dynamic organisations. We regularly attend network meetings and conferences on the subjects, technologies and innovations that drive us.

Triteq works with a diverse network of established partners. From investors and funding bodies, test houses and manufacturers, all adding to the value of our service. We are members of many external networks including Oxford University Innovation, Medilink and MediWales. In addition we work closely with Oxford Enterprise Trust and for the second successive year Triteq are sponsoring the OET Young Entrepreneur Award at the Oxford Trust Enterprise Awards in partnership with Venturefest Oxford.

Through collaboration with our partners on innovative projects and by further cementing international partnerships, Triteq is building a strong international presence. Triteq participate in European consortiums to solve major medical challenges and in 2016 successfully completed the AP@home project to develop a wearable artificial pancreas that automatically regulates insulin delivery. In 2017 we joined a new consortium with partners in Germany, Switzerland, Greece and the Netherlands to look at the preservation and storage of blood. Contact us.

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Systemic innovation in sustainable design of medical devices

Abstract: The specific nature and the size of the healthcare sector make its impact on the environment very significant. Over the past years, interest in Sustainable Healthcare has grown globally, and an increasing number of companies is addressing a discipline,… more

European regulators have published the long-awaited Medical Device Regulations (MDR 2017/745)

Medical Device Regulations (MDR 2017/745) White Paper European regulators have published the long-awaited Medical Device Regulations (MDR2017/745) and provided general implementation timeframes. However, manufacturers should understand that compliance will require more than circling dates in calendars. Given the complexity of… more