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The existence of human centred design is evidence of an attempt to shift designers focus from materials, manufacturing and features to humans & society. As the design profession develops, the responsibility of the designer to educate clients and users and influence public opinion increases. We are driven by the understanding that your vision could be tomorrow’s life changing product.

We begin by identifying the needs of the user, which enables us to provide a comprehensive research and development service. Tracking cultural change to create a better understanding of our constantly changing environment and identifying the opportunities and challenges that matter. Our company has grown organically and each highly skilled team has been built on solid foundations of knowledge, skills and experience.

your journey

Triteq supports you from the beginning of the journey through to market. Our business growth is coming from many new areas including clinics, hospitals and medical schools. For example we have been approached by surgeons, experts in their field of work, who during the course of their career develop ideas for products that will bring dramatic improvements to their particular area of specialist medicine.

Triteq share knowledge of product development with these experts to make sure the best value is achieved. A surgeon, who is at the top of their profession and has expert knowledge may have an idea but doesn’t necessary know how to translate that idea into a product, this is where Triteq come in. We work closely with all our clients through every stage of development.

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