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From miniaturised wearables to monitoring systems for manufacturing plants and transport systems, Triteq has designed and produced systems to protect infrastructure alongside safety critical medical devices that help patients and clinicians achieve information in faster time frames.

The rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets over the past few years means their use now outweighs the use of desktop/laptop computers. 70% of households own at least one tablet with the average British household now owning more than seven internet connected devices.  The fact that these devices are always on and always with you mean they prove more convenient for accessing content over the internet.  

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In the next few years, you will see an explosion of Smart Objects such as LED lightbulbs, domestic appliances, wearables, fitness monitors, medical devices etc. Smartphones and tablets provide an ideal platform for apps to connect to these Smart Objects, controlling them, collecting and analysing data from them, providing a hub between the Smart Object and external systems.

The convergence of the Smart Objects and Mobile Devices provides innumerable commercial opportunities across any business sector. Well designed and tested software is crucial for these devices to operate and interoperate with other connected devices and systems.From embedded software to web applications, mobile and PC apps to server side and database systems, Triteq has the ability and expertise to deliver a custom software solution tailored to your needs.

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Triteq has the knowledge and years of experience developing approved medical grade software across all classifications to meet regulatory requirements and accreditations. By their nature Smart Objects are exposed to potential exploitation, so assuring security in our software, no matter what the application, has to have a primary focus; safeguarding the privacy of user data and ensuring Smart Objects are not compromised.

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