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Our multi–disciplinary teams engage with each other, sharing ideas and adding value at every stage of the product life cycle. At the start of every project we brief the team, listen to the ideas and share our feedback with our clients. Our "under one roof" approach means your project is always product design in Oxfordconnected with all of the teams involved, time is used effectively and clients are guaranteed maximum value. 

Our knowledge and accumulated experience of managing breakthrough projects has been clearly established as our proven track record demonstrates; from life-changing safety critical medical devices to the simplest fitness apps.

Our ability to design, engineer and produce excellent products makes a dynamic impact on target markets. We listen, ask the right questions and add value, co-ordinating product direction with sustainability, development and commercialisation. Nurturing new ideas through every stage from concept all the way to market presents challenges which need to be assessed, explored and understood. 

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Talented multi-disciplinary teams thrive on challenges and our combined experience ensures that the support Triteq provides is invaluable for entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups and established corporations. Designing products and services that work in today’s rapidly changing environment, also means looking ahead to assess sustainability credentials and potential for future growth.

When we begin working with a client on a new development project, our preliminary assessment stage allows us to explore the unknowns including emerging technologies, client objectives, brand values and investors expectations. The ideal time to re-asses the innovation strategy and develop new opportunities is before the process begins.

Our multi-disciplinary process includes branding, marketing, design, engineering, prototyping, testing and manufacturing, developed in a collaborative environment which ensures maximum input from every perspective.

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