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We understand the business of product design and we want all of our customers to benefit from our experience. We believe the most successful way to work is to recognise our customers knowledge, their in-depth understanding of their own market and for the customer and the product design consultancy to learn from each other. 

Product design works best as a collaborative process, so we have created a healthy interactive environment where our customers engage with our teams, share ideas and use the sum of their accumulated knowledge to get to the root cause of a problem or the centre of a new opportunity. 

"Listening to our customers ideas, understanding market opportunities, identifying risks and supporting the process takes skill, logic and experience, three things we have in abundance." Angela Hobbs, Commercial Director.

The oppportunites for sharing information with real time feedback has created  new ways of engaging with customers in an environment where competition is global. Early identification of opportunities and risk significantly increases value, adding commercial reality to early stage projects and increasing the importance and worth of your intellectual property.

The diversity of our customers is key to our success, working in different business sectors and such a cross section of disciplines helps us constantly re-evaluate how to provide the best possible service we can. From medical start-ups to established energy corporations. 


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