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Innovation was definitely in the top ten list of over-used words in 2015 often without explanation or clarification. We believe that innovation is nothing without the process to support it; identifying exactly what is meant by innovation is by itself a complicated task, search for “different types of innovation” and you will find numerous lists of definitions, concepts, examples and how to change the methodology behind it.

Is innovation simply the new research and development, or is there more to it than that? 

Common suggestions are that innovation is the successful exploitation of new ideas but we believe it is more than that. We believe that innovation is central to sustainable success.

When Triteq receive a challenging brief in the early stages of development, the first steps are to work with clients to understand the problem they are seeking to solve or the solution that they want to improve.

This is core to planning how the project develops, identifying priorities and understanding which aspects require further exploration. We plan every aspect of the process, maximising the potential and understanding how to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace, we recognise that taking a product from discovery to delivery is complex. The accumulated experience of managing the unknowns and knowing how to balance the risks to deliver maximum value.

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