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We work closely with our customers to design and develop software solutions to meet their requirements. With the focus always on quality, the team has a broad range of skills, ranging from embedded software development, mobile apps development, PC applications and Server application development. In particular, the team has extensive experience in developing software for embedded systems, ranging from simple embedded controller solutions to architectures with multiple processors.

concept to prototype 

The most challenging aspect of the development cycle is the transition from concept to prototype. Triteq combine award winning design skills with a strong focus on end user needs and sector requirements to maximise potential commercialisation of emerging technologies. Well designed and tested software is crucial for these devices to operate and interoperate with other connected devices and systems.

From embedded software to web applications, mobile and PC apps to server side and database systems, Triteq has the agility and expertise to deliver a custom software solution tailored to your needs. Triteq have the knowledge and years of experience developing approved medical grade software across all classifi­cations to meet regulatory requirements and accreditations. 

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