product testing & evaluation

Our in-house production and manufacturing teams use a stringent process of testing evaluation to measure systems and components against requirements and specifications for all product design, development, production and manufacturing projects.

Our commitment to this method of working for every project is aligned to our clients timeframes and budgets. Testing is built into our processes as an ongoing procedure and the most effective results are achieved when the process is continual. Triteq Project Managers are supported by a quality and operations teams who work together in an innovative environment, where investment in ongoing learning and development for continuous improvement is a core focus.

continual testing and evaluation

Results from ongoing testing and evaluation are highlighted to clients and the options for managing challenges and solutions are agreed and incorporated into the project development process. We can create test scenarios for products, so, for example, we have the equipment and in-house facilities required to test functionality at extreme temperatures or in specific conditions. Instructions, procedures and the items that are required are prepared in advance and the outcomes are recorded and assessed.

The information from test scenarios enables our team to recommend the potential options for further improvement. For certain products, this may include conformal coating; a process which can be completed in-house. Conformal coating is a protective layer that conforms to the form and function of a printed circuit board to protect the component parts.This work process is applied to all Assembly Services in our bespoke Manufacturing Studio.

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