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Big Healthcare Challenges in Chronic Disease

Join us at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford on Wednesday 6th July for a powerful insight into the high quality and diversity of innovation in healthcare that has arisen from Oxford University, the Oxford University Hospital Trust and the region in the field of Chronic Disease.

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SwabTech Live on SyndicateRoom

Triteq is working alongside SwabTech to support their innovative medical device development which has the potential to dramatically improve patient recovery times and reduce NHS costs.As part of their funding strategy On Monday 9th May we joined SwabTech and over 650 investors  at The Mermaid Theatre, London at an excellent event hosted by SyndicateRoom which was founded by Goncalo de Vasconcelos,  who is also the CEO. The organisation raised its £1.2 million growth funding on its own site in just 33 hours. 

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IoT Explosion

The rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets over the past few years means their use now outweighs the use of desktop/laptop computers.  70% of households own at least one tablet with the average British household now owning more than 7 internet connected devices.  Interconnectivity changes things. You can control the temperature of your house whilst in another country, you can turn an electric appliance on whilst your still at work, the possibilities for Smart Technology are endless.

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Investment Opportunity for Innovative Medical Device

Triteq client, SwabTech Limited, a spinout company from the NHS was incorporated in October 2012 to develop and commercialise a novel device to automate the process of recovering reusable red blood cells from surgical swabs. The device is designed to integrate with existing Intraoperative Cell Salvage (ICS) machines that recover blood during surgery a process that is both safer and cheaper than the use of donated blood.

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Space Age Technology to Revolutionise Cosmetic and Aesthetic Surgery

A newly developed plasma pen is going to revolutionise cosmetic and aesthetic surgery. Designed by product design consultancy Triteq Ltd for early stage company Fourth State Medicine Ltd, the pen will transform surgical procedures into non-invasive treatments. Fourth State Medicine Ltd is planning to launch the product by mid-2017. ​

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The Importance of a Great Pitch

Getting the balance right is very important, even if you have an exceptional product, if you can’t get people to believe in you, then they won’t believe in your product or your team, that’s why this year Triteq are sponsoring the Best Sector Pitch Award at the Oxford Trust Enterprise Awards 2016.

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Complimentary Presentation at TechUK

TechUK are partnering with Triteq to give you a clear insight into getting the balance right – understanding the complexity and maximising the value of design and regulatory requirements for medical devices. Join Triteq Regulatory & Design experts at TechUK on Thursday 21st April from 2pm for a complimentary presentation on designing and developing a medical device. From wearables to hearables, implants to real-time medical monitors.

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What Lies Beneath An Idea?

Triteq’s Calling All Start-Up Series brings experienced product design consultancy directly to the people and for one start-up this Spring, it will be free!!

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Triteq Sponsor Team Airglow

When Roger Warren, one of our designers chatted to us all about his role as President of the British Human Powered Flight Club and the support his group of Gossamer Aviators needed to maintain and fly their aircraft, we decided to offer our support and sponsor the team for 2016.

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Triteq Sponsor Cleantech 2016

If Innovation is the spur to lift the economy to create economic sustainable growth then a key focus for 2016 is the energy market and how we use new products and services to reduce environmental impact and increase our capacity for renewables. 

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