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Creative Technologists

Creativity, innovation and technology are terms frequently used to describe the key drivers for economic growth in the private sector. Used together they summarise the core elements that have enabled Triteq to become one of the leading product design and development companies in the UK.

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Working Partnerships

All of Triteq's teams engage in external learning opportunities to ensure trends and emerging technologies are incorporated into its working methods.

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Safe Design

over £1bn was spent in R&D by two leading oil & Gas companies in 2010Just over £1bn was spent in R&D by the two leading oil and gas companies in 2010, adding £63bn in value to the UK economy.*We may not all have those types of budgets but with increasing pressures on spend it is essential that research is specifically targeted and that the investments made produce valuable returns.

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Medical Innovation

"Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things".

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Health, Wealth & Wellbeing

During challenging times we see the most impactful periods of change. This is particularly applicable today when we look at the issue of health and wellbeing. Our population is aging, by 2031 in the UK over 22% of the population will be aged 65 and over - compared to 18% aged 16 or younger. Although we are living longer, we are not living healthier and the picture is of an aging population that needs a different approach to support our everyday lifestyle needs.

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