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Triteq Annual Achievement Award

The Annual Achievement Award was introduced in February this year and is open to all employees in all departments. It is our way of recognising our team and their achievements in and outside the workplace.

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Corporate world embraces environmental issues

Businesses are facing more challenges on a daily basis today than ever. So how keen are they to add another issue to the already overflowing agenda? Well it would appear that when that issue is sustainable development, they are very keen. In fact many experts believe that successful companies today are those that are well informed and realise that sustainability needs to be absorbed throughout the organisation.

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New medical magazine launch

This summer saw the launch of a new magazine, Medical Plastics News which was first published in late July. The magazine will focus on the high tech area of plastics for medical devices and the importance of materials.

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The impact of Industrial Design

Over the last two years the strategy at Triteq has been to focus on steady and solid growth in turnover and capabilites. Founding Directors, Jackie Berry and Steve Lane, wanted to invest in strengthening the Industrial Design team and were delighted to appoint Joseph O' Connor a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers, with over 20 years' experience managing some of the leading Innovation and Design consultancies.

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Medical Design Excellence Awards reveals new trends

At this year's Medical Design Excellence Awards, evidence of globalisation was strong. Of the 36 award winning products, 12 came from companies based overseas or were the result of an international partnership. Other shared themes in the awards this year, were cost reduction, ease of use and improved user experience.

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Price of a Patent

Intellectual Property minister, Baroness Wilcox was recently asked to describe the importance of establishing a single European patent system. She said "The creation of a single European patent and patent court is crucial for UK industry", later in the interview, reported on she confirmed that the savings to UK businesses were likely to be around £20m per year in translation costs alone.

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Red Tape Challenge

Launched earlier this year, The Red Tape Challenge was introduced to give UK businesses a place to air their views and share feedback on current legislation.

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Purchasing Department Expansion

Helen Landrey has just joined Triteq as a Purchasing/Production Co-Ordinator working alongside the Purchasing Manager. Unfortunately for Helen, as soon as she has found her way around our lovely rural offices in Stype, we will be on the move to new premises in the centre of Hungerford!

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Triteq Annual Achievement Award 2011

We are now at the mid-point for the Triteq Annual Achievement Awards which was launched earlier this year. News of the Award was announced at the Triteq company meeting on Wednesday 16th February and is open to all employees in all departments. It is a way of recognising the Triteq Team and their achievements in and outside the workplace.

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