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How Triteq travel to work!

Allan Caple joined Triteq as an Industrial Designer earlier this year and is a wonderful example of what can be done when you decide to travel in a sustainable manner. He has recently taken to completing his 24 mile journey to the office by bike, as part of his training for the Keilder 100 which takes place on 3rd September.

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Innovation - Getting the Balance Right

When your new product is finally launched after extensive preparation but fails to yield the results you were anticipating then it can cause lasting and negative impacts on your business. Financial instability, resource drain, warehouse capacity issues, pressure on marketing budgets and a reluctance to re-enter the market again with another bold innovative product.

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Triteq Nominated for British Engineering Excellence Awards

Triteq have been nominated for the British Engineering Excellence Awards which aim to demonstrate and promote the quality of engineering design within the UK, to emphasise innovation and effectiveness in order to allow smaller companies to compete on an equal footing with larger ones.

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Triteq Directors Welcome Latest Addition

As part of their ongoing committment to Sustainable Development Triteq Directors Jackie Berry & Steve Lane were delighted to announce news of their latest arrival this week.

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Talent Spotters

As reported at the beginning of this year during 2010 Triteq had a steady and consistent period of growth and has continued to build on this success during 2011.

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Industrial Design at Triteq

Joseph O'Connor has joined us to lead Triteq's Industrial Design activities. Joseph, a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers, comes to us with over 20 years' experience managing some of the leading Innovation and Design consultancies.

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Carbon regulation & the economic climate

According to a report yesterday, energy efficiency has been hit by the removal of funding incentives. This report landed at a very challenging time as the deadline for carbon footprint results is just over ten days away.

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Quality Management Systems

This week Triteq have successfully concluded the third day, second surveilliance audit by TUV. This was managed by newly appointed Triteq Quality Manager John Harvey who has over 18 years' of quality management systems experience and brings additional knowledge of military, aerospace and telecommunications sectors to complement Triteq's established quality management system. He has worked at major organisations, including IBM, Motorola and Esterline Advanced Sensors.

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Carbon dating technology

A new analysis technology has been approved that can determine the renewable fraction of mixed waste treated by energy recovery.

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